KATSUYA SUSUKI GALLERY is pleased to announce to have Yuki Nakajo’s solo exhibition entitled “PILE” from November 19, 2021 for the first time in three years.

In this exhibition, 14 pieces of new works entitled “Circuit ” will be exhibited under the theme of “Pile”.

The artist says that with the state of emergency, the flow of people stopped, and he felt that the whole society and everything stopped. “Circuits”, which started production during this period, is a three-dimensional work of various sizes. Mirror acrylics are placed on the sides, and various patterns appear from the acrylic plates placed on the front.

Inspired by the tiling that is often seen on exterior walls, acrylic plates that imitate the tiles are placed on the surface to create a familiar look.

We could see that the pattern of color on the plate placed in front froze is a moment in time, and the act of artist to pasting it seems to be a collection of his own past.

During the coronavirus crisis, when the whole thing seemed stopped, he felt as if that period did not exist in itself, but by looking back now, it can be felt as it actually existed in the past.

Patterns that are perceived differently by different people may represent each person’s past.

Cutting a acrylic board with colors, rearranging and placing pieces with different patterns can be described as facing the past.

“Circuits” is a three-dimensional work of art, but when it is piled up and connected, it is reestablished as “Pile”, the theme of this exhibition.

As the artist creating with the main concept of “landing words”, the process of reconstructing ideas to calculate backwards from that is more like arranging the space in the work than arranging the work in the space.




Date: November 19(Fri) – December 5(Sun), 2021

Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00